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A land where history, cultural heritage, nature, art and human passion joined forces, became the life philosophy of its owners and so they created something special in this idyllic, scenic place.

The Vineyard has a long history and continues to be cultivated since 1880, when it produced the "Greek, black gold", the black currant.

The scents of the orange grove that surrounds it make the vineyard landscape unique, providing it with a sense of diversity with a view to Lake Kaiaphas. In a narrow strip of land between the sea and Mount Lapitha, a several-kilometres-long beach with golden sand, pine trees, a lake, a small island and well-known for their healing properties spas with thermal pool are combined together.

This small stone raisin warehouse was maintained with great care by its owners and  with respect they built a traditional house with two floors on it, fully equipped. Being major collectors themselves, they framed it with souvenirs, etchings and objects from their journeys, making it look like a small museum.

At the same time, from June to September 2017, the house will host a painting exhibition of V. DIMOU.

All these, together with the exterior, the spa pool, the stone cafe, the barbecue and the various sour smells, create a fairytale setting.

Starting from the estate you can set out for journeys exploring the history of thousands of years through its trails.

The property is located 25 Km from the cradle of Olympism and the sacred and universal city of Ancient Olympia. At the Panhellenic sanctuary of antiquity the most glorious games of the Greeks, identifying with the ideals of Peace, are held every four years in honor of Zeus. It is also located 45 minutes from Kalamata airport and half an hour from the beautiful port of Katakolon.

Many historical sites await you in the land of Ilia where, together with unfamiliar routes, you can try your strength in Lapitha. You can also enjoy wine tasting in the cellar of the estate.

This fertile land of Ilia, the underground waters, the feeder rivers, the sun, the golden beaches, the rich fruit you will taste from our garden generously, are waiting to take you to yesterday and today through the magical routes they offer!!!!

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Our stay at "Ktima Mousama" was perfect. We are completely satisfied and would strongly suggest you stay in a luxury home with a very good taste that is made with love, care and taste by the owners.

Trifonopoulos Athinodoros Family, Marousi Atikis, Greece.