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Is there any side effect of insulin? However, some common side effects include: initial weight gain as the body starts to adjust to the therapy. blood sugar that drops too low, which is known as hypoglycemia. rashes, bumps, or swelling around the injection site.
What happens if you get injected with insulin? What happens if I have too much insulin ? If a person accidentally injects more insulin than required, e.g. because they expend more energy or eat less food than they anticipated, cells will take in too much glucose from the blood. This leads to abnormally low blood glucose levels (called hypoglycaemia).
What happens if you get insulin and you don't need it? Excess insulin in the bloodstream causes cells in your body to absorb too much glucose (sugar) from your blood. It also causes the liver to release less glucose. These two effects together create dangerously low glucose levels in your blood. This condition is called hypoglycemia.
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