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Do people outgrow epilepsy? Many children outgrow their seizures. A child is more likely to outgrow his seizures if he has a normal EEG, normal MRI, normal development, no other neurological problems, and the seizures are controlled easily with medication. If you stop medication suddenly it may cause your child to have a seizure.
How do you stop a seizure from happening? First Aid Keep other people out of the way. Clear hard or sharp objects away from the person. Don't try to hold her down or stop the movements. Place her on her side, to help keep her airway clear. Look at your watch at the start of the seizure, to time its length. Don't put anything in her mouth.
What foods are good for seizures? Both diets have proved successful in children, yet they are studied in adults insufficiently. The modified Atkins diet and the ketogenic diet include high- fat foods such as bacon, eggs, mayonnaise, butter, hamburgers and heavy cream, with certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, avocados, cheeses and fish.
How long is a typical seizure? Duration. A seizure can last from a few seconds to more than five minutes, at which point it is known as status epilepticus. Most tonic-clonic seizures last less than two or three minutes. Absence seizures are usually around 10 seconds in duration.
Can chemotherapy cause urinary problems? Cancer treatments that may increase your risk of incontinence include: Radiation therapy to the pelvic area, which can irritate the bladder. Chemotherapy, which may cause nerve damage, vomiting that strains the muscles controlling urination, or loss of hormones.
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